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Friday, April 09, 2010

Friends-how many of us have them?

Old schoolers- remember that song? Classic lyrics. Anyway, I thought I would give everyone something to ponder over the weekend. Having true friends in your life is so important! I think certain people are placed in your path for a reason, and sometimes removed for a reason. Of course there are what i call "full circle" friends. Those are the friends that you have for life, sometimes you talk, somtimes you dont. But your friendship always picks right up where it started from every time! The true blue friends who support you in life through deaths, births and marriages.Those friends who help you with your drama, listen to your crazy stories and let you stay the night when your in trouble. Of course you have your work friends, which can turn into true friendships, too. In the 21st century, there are so many ways to keep up with and catch up with old friends! Anything goes, facebook, texting, email. Thank God for technology!

I wont spend too much time on the bad friends crowd- The needy, clingy, toxic friends that make you feel like your more burdened down with drama, that you were to begin with! Foolishness! Lets be all about supporting our friends, being there when they need to talk and listen, and making the effort to keep in touch! Of course thats a two way street as well. It goes both ways people. You can keep and treasure the old, and make new ones in your life journey! Friends- where would we be without at least one?

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  1. OMGOODNESS Nicole...you r right on the money! I have recently gotten rid of alll bad friends...attempted to stay connected to new friends(such as yourself. My personalty has not changed the people I CHOSE TO BLESS WITH MY FRIENDSHIP HAS!I AM FEELIN THE THEME MUSIC AS WELL!:0.. I am soo happy to have my full circle friends and my true blue friendz..loove it