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Monday, April 19, 2010

Another good one, Gone too soon,Hug your loved ones!

Wow, my sister just called me with some sad, tragic news. Our old friend and neighbor Beverly, passed away. My sister still lives in the house where we grew up, and she would still see Beverly on a regular basis. She had been in poor health these past few years, on dialysis and recently had heart surgery, which she never recovered from. She had to be only in her late 50's! Wow. You know how you have that one house in the neighborhood where all the kids go, and nobody really gets turned away? That was her house. The house where if you walked in and dinner was cooking (even if it wasnt) you were welcome to stay and eat? That was Beverly's.
She even gave homes to cats and dogs who needed it.When my son was born? She brought over food and advice, even babysit for me when i needed it. When my dad was sick with cancer, she made food and had had her son take some up to ICU, where we were.Beverly Glover, is leaving behind wonderful children she raised, mostly by herself, grandchildren, friends, family and old neighbors who will miss her loving, generous spirit. I really wish I had more time to have spent with her, called to catch her up on things, it had been a long time since we had talked. The good thing- her wonderful spirit will live on, and she suffers no longer...Miss you Beverly.

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