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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thrifty finds and tips :)

Hey everyone! For those of you who don't know me, I loooove a good deal!! And for those of you who do, you know this well! Hence, my frequent trips to thrift and consignment stores. I try to check out the thrift stores at least once a week, just to see if anything new is there. I know for some there is a stigma attached to shopping in a thrift store, I say get over it!! Really, in this current economy if you can find a pair of designer shoes for $3.97 that have barely been worn, GO FOR IT!! I noticed the thrift store are more crowded now, more than ever before. You will find folks from ALL walks of life there. I do have a few tips that may help you in finding good deals and ways to navigate.

1. Find out if the stores have specials!
I have a Salvation Army in my area that offers 50% off of clothes on Wednesdays. WOW! The clothes are already cheap. Call your local store to find out.Also check their hours, and I find weekdays are always less crowded.

2. Know what your looking for before you go in!!
Or else you will be OVERWHELMED. If you need black pants, you can focus on that. Look the pieces you choose over thoroughly. Look for stains, missing buttons and tears. Some stores have clothes never worn with tags on them!!

3.Dont feel like you have to buy somethng!
Thirft and consignment shopping is hit and miss. Sometimes you win, sometimes you dont! That's why I enjoy it, it's like a treasure hunt!

4.Know the charity you are supporting!
Goodwill industries- Provides vocational rehabilitation for the disabled.
Salvation Army- Offers shelter, food job training, and spiritual guidance to the poor.
So it's a win win situation! You get deeply dicounted items, while supporting a cause. Also, dont forget to give back and keep the cycle going! If you or your kids are in betwen sizes, donate to your local thrift store, so someone else can benefit.

I hope these tips help, please comment and let me know what suggestions you may have!

P.S Check out the photo's of some of my finds. My Nine West red flats, My super cute wrap dress, and my Calvin Klein platforms! All for under $5.00 each!! Check back to see what else I might find!

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